European Nationality

Reclaim Your Heritage:


Explore Citizenship Options

Descended from Sephardi Jews? Law 30A-2015 offers you the chance to reclaim your Portuguese or Spanish heritage through a genealogical study and potentially acquire citizenship.


No Sephardi roots? If your grandparents were German citizens forced to flee during World War II, you may be eligible for German citizenship under Article 116 of the Basic Law, allowing you to retain your current nationality.

Official Translation


Require your documents to be translated for initiating your migration process? Opt for our official translation services.

Preparation for international exams  

Are you prepared for the next step? Get ready for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, MET, DELF, TCFQ, DALF, and DELE preparation!

Comprehensive Immigration Policy

Navigating immigration can be complex, regardless of your destination. For foreigners considering Colombia, understanding the nuances of their system is crucial. While Colombia has an immigration system, it's actually more comprehensive, incorporating aspects of family, international, civil, and even criminal law.

Curious about obtaining a Colombian visa? We can help you understand the process and requirements. 

Visa Application


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Expert Visa Assistance for Every Journey


Dreaming of exploring new horizons? Our seasoned visa expert is here to smooth your path, no matter your purpose.


From tourist adventures to educational pursuits, romantic reunions to career opportunities, we handle a wide spectrum of visa applications including:


Tourist: Explore breathtaking landscapes and soak in vibrant cultures.

Study: Pursue your academic dreams at renowned institutions worldwide.

Fiancé(e): Build your future together, seamlessly.

Work: Launch your international career with confidence.

Transit: Travel freely through connecting countries.

Business: Expand your ventures and forge global partnerships.


Investment: Secure your future with strategic investments abroad.

Experience speaks volumes:

Ricardo has successfully secured over 400 types of visas for clients across an impressive 193 countries. Let my proven track record and deep understanding of diverse visa requirements guide you every step of the way.


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